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Summarize function

I need some help utilizing the summarize function and I will use the big class as an example dataset.  The below example works perfect but I need to summarize the data by sex.  When I use the BY(:Sex) operator I keep getting an error.  The purpose of me doing this is to output the results and use this in a calculated reference number per multiple variables for graphing purposes.  .

DTData= Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );




Avg= mean(:height),



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Re: Summarize function

Here are a couple of examples

///example from the scripting index for Summarize

Names Default To Here( 1 );

dt=Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );


  exg = By( :sex ),

  exm = Mean( :height )


Eval List( {exg, exm} );

/// I like to put the stats into a data table instead of variables when I'm going to graph the results

Data Table( "Big Class" ) << Summary(

  Group( :sex ),

  Mean( :height ),

  Std Dev( :weight )


///Graph Builder summarizes and makes a graph automatically

dt<<Graph Builder(

  Size( 249, 298 ),

  Show Control Panel( 0 ),

  Variables( X( :sex ), Y( :height ), Y( :weight ) ),


  Position( 1, 1 ),

  Bar(X, Y,

  Legend( 3 ),

  Bar Style( "Side by side" ),

  Summary Statistic( "Mean" )

  )  ),


  Position( 1, 2 ),

  Bar( X,  Y,

  Legend( 4 ),

  Bar Style( "Side by side" ),

  Summary Statistic( "Std Dev" )


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Re: Summarize function

That works but I can't use it in matrix form for what I'm trying to do.  My goal is to output the mean and Std deviation of a height by the female population in a variables.  I then use those variables for a calculated reference line.    By population changes constantly and having a reference line that is dynamic is handy.  Here is my example.

DTData= Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );



  avg = mean(:height)


siglow = avg - sigma;

sighigh = avg + sigma;

Variability Chart(

Y( xx),

X( :yyy, :zzz ),

Max Iter( 100 ),

Conv Limit( 0.00000001 ),

Number Integration Abscissas( 128 ),

Number Function Evals( 65536 ),

Analysis Type( Name( "Choose best analysis (EMS REML Bayesian)" ) ),

Connect Cell Means( 1 ),

Show Group Means( 1 ),

Std Dev Chart( 0 ),

Points Jittered( 1 ),

AIAG Labels( 0 ),





  {Format( "Best" ),

  Add Ref Line( eval(siglow),dotted,{178, 0, 0},"Height Female -1 sigma"),

  Add Ref Line( eval(sighigh),dotted,{178, 0, 0},"Height Female +1 sigma"),

  Add Ref Line( eval(avg),solid,{255, 0, 0},"mean height female"),

   Show Major Grid( 1 ),

   Show Minor Grid( 1 )}


Where( :what== "why")

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