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Setting Preferences


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Jun 4, 2014

I am having some difficulty setting preferences in JMP Pro 13.  In the One Way Means Comparison platform, there are six options to set.  four of them can be turned on and off.  However Connecting Letters Report and Ordered Differences are not responding to the preference setting.  Any suggestions?  Is this a glitch?

Also, how do I turn off the Comparative Circles when using the Fit Y by X Platform?


Thanks for any help!



Jul 7, 2014



I'm unable to replicate your problem with the connecting letters report and ordered differences preferences (i.e. unchecking them in my preferences keeps them off by default when running an analysis).


To turn off the comparison circles, click the red triangle next to "Oneway Analysis of...," select Display Options, and uncheck Comparison Circles.






Community Trekker


Nov 18, 2014

Although I don't currently have JMP Pro 13, I suggest you try a script which you can add to the data table (see below but substitute your y and x variable names and the type of Oneway if you are not running All Pairs before running the script). You can set the preferences for all 6 Oneway Means Comparison and also remove the Comparison Circles in a separate command. The latter Comparison Circles can be accessed from the report's topmost Oneway Analysis hotspot (red triangle) Display Options, Comparisons Circles. Just uncheck the latter. If none of these work, I suggest contacting the JMP Tech Support (JMP Technical Support <>). They are very helpful and responsive.


Platform Preferences(
Oneway Means Comparisons(
Difference Matrix( 1 ),
Confidence Quantile( 1 ),
LSD Threshold Matrix( 1 ),
Connecting Letters Report( 1 ),
Ordered Differences Report( 1 ),
Detailed Comparisons Report( 1 )

Y( :yvariable ),
X( :xvariable ),
All Pairs( 1),
Comparison Circles( 0 )