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What is the best tool to use in order to display pass/fail data?

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Re: Pass/Fail

If all you have is one column of data with either Pass or Fail, you will have limited options. Use the distribution platform to make a bar chart seems like a reasonable place to start. You can also use Graph Builder and explore the various options that it offers for this data to see if you find something that you like.

Dan Obermiller

Re: Pass/Fail

To add to my colleague Dan Obermiller's comment, have you thought about the best tool to use to answer the practical problem at hand? Rather than just focusing on the tool alone? In almost every instance I'm analyzing data I start with framing the practical problem first...which leads me to the analysis tool I'll ultimately choose. That's the beauty of the JMP Graph Builder...lots of different ways to display the same data. Some, I suspect, will be much more effective at answering the practical problem.


I try to encourage people to think about the practical problem first, then the audience (if the visualization is beyond there ability to comprehend...well it's not the 'best') for the visualization (even if it's YOU alone) and then pick the appropriate technique. 

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