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SVG export

Hello, I'm having 2 problems when exporting files as SVG via the save as html option. 1) the svg file permission is locked (mac 10.4) and I can't reset it. You have to open the html file in a web browser and then save the figure as svg (I can live with that option, but it's rather annoying) and 2) when you open the file in Adobe illustrator CS3, illustrator gives the following error: "Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to Tiny". If you remove all the clipping masks, the figure data is spread all over the page! Please help!!!!!
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Re: SVG export

I have no idea why the your SVG's behave like that. But if all you want is to be able to edit your JMP 7 graphics in Illustrator you can print JMP journals to PDF (Save as PDF in the Mac OS X print dialog) and the open the file in Illustrator. All graphics is vector based and text is editable (however there is a lot of redundant white fields that can be deleted if you wish).

Cut and paste between JMP 7 and Illustrator CS3 does not work for some strange reason as you probably already have experienced. However I just tried JMP 8 and am very happy to finde that the ability to simply cut and paste from JMP to Illustrator has returned.
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Re: SVG export


you can refer to this post,

there is a hidden menu that you can reveal to make your life easier