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Jun 4, 2014

Run Charts

Perhaps I am missing something in the Run Chart platform?  After producing a run chart, where is the analysis such as tests for clusters, trends, mixtures, oscillation, etc (with p-values).?



Jun 23, 2011

Re: Run Charts

I just had a customer ask me this same question - overall in JMP we use Westguard and Western Electric rules and circle the points rather than use general p-values like Minitab. Test info is further down in this post.


Control charts can be done in the Control Chart Builder (Analyze -> Quality and Process -> Control Chart Builder). This is an interactive drag and drop control charting platform. There is a control panel on the left that will let us control different aspects of what we see, for example individual points versus the mean per x grouping variable.
The documentation goes through a few examples:
Here’s a description of the charts available:
and also here:
JMP uses Western Electric/Nelson rules (Test 1-8), testing beyond limits, and Westguard rules - the points that trigger these alerts are circled. Tests are described fairly well. So rather than getting just a p-vlaue like in Minitab, you will see the points circled with the test beside it. 
Also, we can create custom tests, for example:
Here are a few resources to help you use JMP:
Online documentation: (also built in under the help menu):
Learning Library - short 1 page pdfs and videos:
This is a general guide for moving to JMP from Minitab: