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Row legend - how to keep coloring, but remove legend itself, how to make range uniform across all By groups?


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Jan 27, 2016

I have Variability charts plotted By some group.

I want to color points by some column,

So I add this:

Row Legend(


                      Color( 1 ),

                      Color Theme( "Cool to Warm" ),

                      Marker( 0 ),

                      Marker Theme( "" ),

                      Continuous Scale( 1 ),

                      Reverse Scale( 0 ),

                      Excluded Rows( 0 )

Now, I have two problems:

1. I need the scale to be uniform across all the Bygroups - right now coloring is assigned by the range of MyCounter for specific ByGroup.

2. I want coloring on the charft, but I need to remove the legend itself. How do I do that?

Was hoping that adding something like Hide(1) would work.


Super User


Jul 13, 2011

If you don't want a legend then row legend is possibly the not best route.  Interactively in JMP you can colour using the Color Or Mark By Column option on the rows menu.  In JSL this is a message that is sent to the data table e.g. dt << Color Or Mark By Column( :Group).  Check the scripting index for additional arguments - colour themes etc


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Feb 27, 2012

You can also accomplish this without scripting from your data table by going to JMP -> Rows -> Color or Mark by Column, and then choose the column by which you would like to color your data.  This will color by all rows, not just rows in the "by" group, and will not automatically add a legend.