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Repeated measures ANOVA in JMP


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Jun 15, 2012

Greetings -

We'd like to add a repeated measures ANOVA to the analyses that our introductory bio students use. I've found two examples via JMP (help manual within JMP 10, attached,re and also the JMP website, here: -- which each seem to go about this in a different way (in terms of process).

So - wondering what method other users choose for repeated measures ANOVA. (Our students will be doing a basic crossover design - e.g. take three treatments and apply to the same 9 plants.)

Thanks -





Jun 25, 2014

Hi K.Bott,

I realize this post is a few years old, but if you (or others) are still looking for an easy way to add repeated measures ANOVA to your course (one-way, or factorial) I just posted a repeated measures ANOVA add-in to simplify the process. You can find the add-in here:

Full Factorial Repeated Measures ANOVA Add-In

I hope this helps,