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Remove and Store Column Values as LIst

How do i remove the highlighted and get all the names in column 1 but without the mean(".....") part?


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Re: Remove and Store Column Values as LIst

The "." values are indication of a missing value.  They are like having a blank in your data.  When you use the JMP Platforms, they will deal with the missing values appropriately.  If you want to delete the entire row where the missing values are present, you can do that by right clicking on one of the cells that has a missing value, and then clicking on "Select Matching Values".  JMP will then select all rows where this column has missing values.  You can then move to the column with the row numbers, hover over one of the selected rows, right click and select "delete rows".

To get rid of the "Mean(…)" I would create a new column, and then use the following formula in the new column

word(2,:Column 1,"()");

You can find the documentation on the Word() function in the Scripting Index

     Help=>Scripting Index

Click on "Character", because the Word() function is a function that works on character strings, and then in the right column, click on Word


Re: Remove and Store Column Values as LIst

I use something like this


dt3s << clear select;  //defensive step to make sure only my selection gets deleted
dt3s << Select Where( Is Missing( :Name( "Date" ) ) ); dt3s << deleterows;

to get rid of rows in a column that have missing values.  note, it deletes the whole row.

Use the Row Filter (under Row menu) to make the selection rule, and then just save the query to the clipboard so you can paste it into your script.



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