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Propagating error of mean for use in ANOVA

I have used an external program (MATLAB) to fit a logistic curve to 84 sets of y-response vs. time data (n=3 for 28 different factor combinations). My logistic model is a 4-parameter model (A, B, C, D) and I get an upper 95% confidence interval and a lower 95% confidence interval for each parameter (see column headers below to understand what data is outputted by MATLAB). I would like to use JMP to output the mean of each parameter for my 3 replications, but I should also 'propagate' the error of each parameter to get the final error of the mean, correct? I then plan to do an ANOVA to compare these parameters with respect to the factors I have varied. How can I ensure JMP takes account the error for each parameter of each data entry?




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