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Partial Correlation

I have four variables pp, ph, ngl & yield. Suppose I want to find out Partial Correlation between NGL and yield after removing the linear effect of PP and PH. In Base SAS I can find out by using the following given code.

/*BASE SAS Code*/
proc corr;
var ngl yld;
partial pp ph;

But In JMP, When i go to Analyze -> Multivariate Methods -> Multivariate. I selected all the variables and click OK. From Hotspot button I get Partial correlation of all the variables with respect to all other variables. See below the output of JMP.

Partial Corr
pp ph ngl yld
pp . 0.1315 0.2028 0.2825
ph 0.1315 . -0.0309 0.2686
ngl 0.2028 -0.0309 . 0.1920
yld 0.2825 0.2686 0.1920 .

partialed with respect to all other variables

But I want to get partial correlation between ngl & yield after adjusting for pp & ph.

Please reply.

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Unless I misunderstand your question, from your output the partial correlation between ngl and yield after adjusting for pp and ph is 0.1920.

Thanks for the solution. Yes I checked it with BASE SAS result.