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PCA - how to find component scores (X,Y coordinates) for each point on plot?


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Apr 26, 2017

I'm using JMP 13.0, on a Mac to run Princple Component Analysis (PCA) on environmental data.


It's working fine, however I can't seem to find any option to display the X,Y coordinates (PCA scores) for each point on the plot. My plot contains ~50 data points, from several different treatment groups. I'm hoping to calculate a mean value and standard deviation, for PC1 and PC2, for each treatment group, so I can create a new figure displaying average differences between treatment groups along the PC axes. 


I think I've tried every drop-down display option for PCA and I cannot find these values anywhere. I've seen plenty of data displayed this way, so it seems like it should be an option in JMP. I also know that R can generate this report. 


Can anyone tell me where I can find this information? Thanks.


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Feb 10, 2013

There is an option to save the PC to your data table. Is that what you are looking for?  The help files for PCA are located at this link: