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Ordinal logistische regression

For our master's thesis, my partner and I are exploring a test to examine the influence of multiple ordinal variables (predictor X variables) on another ordinal dependent variable (Y variable). We have considered conducting an ordinal logistic regression for this purpose, but we are not entirely certain if it's the best approach for analyzing this data. It's worth mentioning that we aim to assess the effect of beliefs (pain, damage, and external factors) (each rated as: no influence, moderate influence, and high influence) on the frequency of avoiding lifting activities (specifically: rarely, regularly, and always). What course of action would you recommend?



Re: Ordinal logistische regression

I'm not sure I entirely understand your question, so let me try to re-frame it just a little


Two responses (Y): 

    1. Damage, Likert-like scale: High, Medium, Low

    2. External factor, Likert like scale: High Medium Low

Factors (X):

    1. Frequency of lifting: Always, Sometimes, Rare


If we can define the problem a little more I think the analysis will be easier to select.

JMP Systems Engineer, Health and Life Sciences (Pharma)