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Deploying JMP Clinical in an enterprise environment

We are looking for an enterprise solution for JMP software being used currently. It should be web based where nothing is installed in personal computers/ laptops. Scientists can log on to web-based solution and pull data from Data Lake, do their analysis and create visualizations in form of bar graph/ charts on pre-clinical data just like they do in JMP today. Multiple people can use this solution to view the data created by others.

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Re: Deploying JMP Clinical in an enterprise environment

I recommend contacting the appropriate JMP sales team. They deal with these sorts of issues all the time.

Re: Deploying JMP Clinical in an enterprise environment

Hi @MomentLadybug67 ,


What region is your organization? I can post the sales teams information.


By the way, if you have JMP Clinical already, it can be deployed on a server (Windows Server OS) or cloud solution such as AWS.  The JMP Part of JMP Clinical can connect to data sources that have either an ODBC access via driver or HTTP Request(). The data can then be saved somewhere on the remote machined, then registered in JMP Clinical. If it is a shared configuration, then all can see the registered data if they have file permissions to it and templates of reports can be shared so all can run the same template of reports (interactive graphs). 


There is another solution called JMP Live ( that might be of interest to you as well. Take a look.


If either of these solutions is of interest, you local sales team can help.

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