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Multiple range tests: How can I change the cutoff level from alpha=0.05?

When I run a multiple range test from the “Fit Model” on the “Analyze” main menu of either JMP 7 or JMP 8 (which can be done by running the model, expanding the “Effect Details” section of the output and then clicking on “LS Means Student’s t” or “LS Means Tukey HSD” depending on the type of test I want), I get a set of pairwise comparisons performed at the 5% significance level.

I need to change that level, but I can’t find any way to do it. Does anybody know if/how it can be done, please?

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Jun 23, 2011

I don't have access to JMP at the moment but I know this: if you hold down the shift key when you save the confidence limits (mean or individual) you are prompted to enter a significance level. So it might be worth trying to hold down the shift key when choosing the LS means you want in order to see if you are prompted for a significance level.

This does work provided you hold down the shift key prior to clicking on the desired effect red triangle pulldown. Then when you choose a type of comparison test you will be prompted for a significance level.

Verified and clarified procedure.

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Perfect - it works! That's exactly what I wanted: many thanks!