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Multiple Y axis in a chart. (Multiple Y axis scales)


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May 17, 2012

Good Morning~ : )

I need your help. I'd like to draw an overlay plot with multiple Y axis as below. (It is commonly used in bioprocess.)

(I'm currently use JMP 12.2.)

- Is there a way to draw like this way?  (I can add right Y axis, but I need more.)

- JMP script is also okay for me.

- Hope multiple Y axis drawing feature is supported in JMP 13Graph builder.



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Jun 22, 2012

I can imagine how this can be done in JMP, but it would take a fairly complex script.

Roughly, this is what would have to be done:

1. A separate Graph Builder would have to be run for all but one of the columns

2. Each of the columns would have to be transformed to where the new values fit within the min and max range of the one column not charted in the above step.

3. The columns would have to be stacked.

4. A Chart Builder platform needs to be run on the stacked data, with the overlay set to the label column from the stacked data table

5. The Y axis label, and the Y Axis Box() from each of the individually run Graph Builders would have to be prepended to the last Graph Builder chart.

6. Delete the individual Graph Builder chart outputs.

Getting all of this to fit together properly would be doable.  Lots of gotchas would have to be worked around, but it could be done.


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May 17, 2012

Yes, I got your point. Thank you for your answer. I will use graph builder overlay plot by adjusting Y-axis scale. ( I can comment units on the legend)  : )

I knew PI or SIMCA software supports this customized overlay feature, but hope JMP 13 or later version support it. haha  Thank you.


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Apr 5, 2016

JMP is wonderful for statistics and I use it every day.  However, for complex graphs and customization, especially for publications, there are other programs which do a better job.  My favorite is Igor Pro (


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May 17, 2012

Thank you for your suggestion. : )


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Mar 20, 2012

<img alt="GBMatrix.png" class="image-1 jive-image" src=",

Another alternative is to use Graph Builder's GROUP Y feature. As txnelson​ stated, you'll have to stack the data.



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Jun 23, 2011

Try this script on your table:

Overlay Plot(

    X( :Time ),

    Y( :AAA, :BBB, :CCC, :DDD, :EEE, :FFF, :GGG, :HHH ),

    Overlay( 0 ),

    Connect Points( 1 ),

    Show Points( 0 )


You can also do it interactively using Overlay Plot.

Hmmm... I see that you are really after the lower plot in your original post with multiple axes shown to the left and the plots directly overlaid as others have addressed.



Jun 5, 2014

JamesKim: Maybe I can offer an alternative idea for you? Rather than have multiple y axes as you show above, taking up 1/2 of your visual space, with a spaghetti chart of lines to the right, why not this idea?

Make an index value for each time series where the first observation in time = 100. Then each value is (observation at time t)/(observation at time 1) x 100. This way you can have one y axis, scaled according to the lowest and highest index values. The added interpretational value is that the slopes of the lines will now all be on an even footing and if varying slope is important on a relative % scale, this will add that level of insight. Then you can have a legend to help identify which variable is which by color scheme.

We would show this index style graph all the time when % change was what was most important for variables over time...not the absolute values. Much cleaner graph.


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Mar 16, 2017

I need to make a 3D graph (with 3 axes) something similar to this below. I have JMP Pro version 12. Is it possible to make a graph like this with JMP?

If yes, can somebody please guide me through the process.