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JSL Script - How to extract a table cell value and save to variable


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Hi all,

I have a script that opens up several temporary data tables (csv files) and then saves my analysis to a journal window. I would like to save the journal to an HTML file, but I need to save the filename with a value from one of the data tables. I'm not sure how to save a table value to a variable:

NewWindow("PartJournal",<PartData = Open ("C:\...path...\filename.csv");
... other tables opened and results saved to journal ...
filepath = "C:\...path...\" || filename || ".html";
Current Journal() << Save HTML(char(filepath));

Thanks in advance!


Hey, the syntax I use to get a value out of a table is this:

rowNum = 1;
col = Column( Current Data Table(), columnName);
tableVal = col[ rowNum ];

Hope this helps!