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Apr 3, 2017

JSL How do I wrap the title text of a OutlineBox?

Hi all,


I often use the Set Title() message to overwrite the OutlineBox titles of charts, distributions, etc. My first issue is that the OutlineBox does not support the Set Wrap() message. Is there any replacement I could use?


To work around the missing Set Wrap(), I started inserting newlines "\!n" in the tiitle text. After doing this, I have noticed a second issue: Whatever number of newlines I insert, only the first one generates a wrap leaving the whole rest of the text unwrapped on the second line. Is there a way to get more than 2 lines in an OutlineBox title?


JSL example:

SumWin = New Window("Summary",
  Outline Box("My OutlineBox Title 1\!nTitle 2\!nTitle 3\!nTitle 4",
    Text Box("Collapsible tables and charts go here")
  Outline Box("Bacon ipsum dolor amet\!nsirloin short loin meatloaf\!doner, shoulder swine brisket\!bacon pig boudin alcatra\!ham hock chuck hamburger corned beef. Pork chop landjaeger sausage frankfurter biltong doner pork loin ham pastrami fatback sirloin. Brisket prosciutto corned beef short ribs. Ball tip filet mignon shoulder, landjaeger corned beef fatback cow shank venison pork chop bacon meatball bresaola leberkas. Tri-tip short ribs andouille tail prosciutto doner swine ground round meatloaf pancetta boudin.",
    Text Box("Collapsible tables and charts go here")

This is what I get.





I'm using JMP 13. I appreciate your help.