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Re: JSL - Generate -x-y Plot that loops through columns with different variables

Thank you for the information it is always insightful. I do think it is very fortuitous that you happened to be the one helping me out the most. See, I am an Industrial Engineer in a foundry that has a very high mix low volume product mix and we do a significant amount of RF testing. Everything you mentioned:

  • there is a known range like control or spec limits,
  • need to scale to something like +/- k sigma,
  • need to control the grid lines, for example, a grid line at each 0.5 sigma,
  • data whose nominal value is large but variation is very small, for example, means value is 1750222 stdev is 0.000023, then I plot a transform Y- mean and figure out a good scale and use the alogorithm, gdinc.jsl
  • perform an analyses and determine whether the data is highly skewed or lumpy (clustered).

Is what i am trying to accomplish we are testing and our customer is using some broad spec limits based on no data so we are trying to determine spec limits based on +/- 3 sigma and +/- 4.5 sigma with accompaning upper and lower control limits. Another example is when i was asking about widening the X-Axis for the distribution plots it was because our current spec limits are LSL = 20 and USL = 40. This is why i am an avid JMP advocate because of the awesome tools you have in the Quality and Process utilities.


I know very little if any at all about plotting multivariate data analysis but i will give it whirl.


Actually this converation brings to me why am here again. I would like your input regarding using the same method of plotting you have given me for the graph builder and distribution for the Fix Y by X analysis. I feel that this is a very good analysis tool as we can see the difference (statistically) between data sets which in our case is wafer_number. Of course I use a Each Pair Student's T test to compare the means...  I tried to plug and plug and play the and get confused with the dispacth function..  Attached is the data table and a Save to Script Window of what i am trying to do along with a picture of the output.. Again, all your help is extremely helpful. 


Side note, I asked my manager if I could take a in depth script writing class and he said yes so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I am in the Balitmore, MD area.



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Re: JSL - Generate -x-y Plot that loops through columns with different variables

I guess the other two didn't attach



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