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Is there a way to set up an SMTP interface on JMP or alternative?


I have a need to send 'Out of Control' Alarm notifications by e-mail to process owners within our organization.

I am using JMP 12 on a 64-bit system and unfortunately have learned that I cannot use the MAIL function in JSL as our Outlook is the 32-bit version.

Is there any way that I could configure SMTP so that I can bypass the mail client and contact the SMTP directly?

These seems to be possible on SAS as documented in:

Paper 023-2013

Using Mail Functionality in SAS®

Erik W. Tilanus, Synchrona, the Netherlands

He writes:


/* Set Mail options */









If it is not possible to configure SMTP has anyone found an alternative work around for this problem?

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Re: Is there a way to set up an SMTP interface on JMP or alternative?

There are a couple of ways to send emails besides the Mail function.

1. You can use the mailto protocol in the Web function in JSL to send an email.

  • This way, the email cannot be sent automatically. Someone would have to physically press send.
  • A good thing about this way is that it can be used be used in almost every mail client, including Outlook
  • However, you cannot automatically add attachments using this method.
  • You must use percent encoding for the subject and body (see the article below)
  • Syntax: 
Web( "" )

Percent-encoding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2. You could also use a VBScript to send emails.

  • Emails can be sent automatically or displayed before sending
  • Can only be used with Outlook
  • Can add attachments
  • See the article below for details on writing the VBScript.
  • After you get the VBScript working on its own, you can save the VBScript using JSL as a text file with the vbs extension and run the script with the Open function. You can use "\[" and "]\" for JMP to escape any double quotes within the script. See the example below for details.

/* Save script as text file */

Save Text File("C:\sendMail.vbs",



"Your script here."




/* Run the script */


How to send an email using VBScript? - Software Testing Articles/ Help Guide on Tools Test Automatio...


Re: Is there a way to set up an SMTP interface on JMP or alternative?

First, thank you to Justin for the response above.

I would just like to add that in JMP 13, the limitation on maintaining "bitness" between Outlook and JMP has been removed.  You will be able to use the Mail JSL command with a 64-bit JMP and 32-bit Outlook.

Brian Corcoran

JMP Development

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Re: Is there a way to set up an SMTP interface on JMP or alternative?

Glad to hear this.

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