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Interactively changing menu in an add-in

I have developed a handful of add-ins that are similar but slightly different.  Each contains 30-40 scripts. Most of the scripts are the same,but some of the scripts available are different.  The differences are based on geography.  I would like to combine these into one add-in with the ability to select geography.  For example, if the user selected "Europe" as geography, the menu would change to show the correct scripts for Europe.  Any ideas how to do this?


Many thanks

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Re: Interactively changing menu in an add-in

One way (there are probably others) would be to have .jmpaddin files with the appropriate menu customization within your main add in and, after prompting to determine which is the correct one use Open() to open the appropriate .jmpaddin.


I can't work up an example right now, but in theory this should work. You can use $ADDIN_HOME() for the menu items to refer to the scripts in your main addin.



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