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How to send everything to one journal and Save it to Powerpoint


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Jun 23, 2011


Our current script does about ~120 analysis after combining 3 data files and saves the results as pictures which are further manipulated into a PowerPoint deck.  The script is complex at about ~4000 lines of code.

With the advent of JMP 12, the option is to save the whole process directly into a journal and save it.

My first question is:

The manual shows journal objects tied to a specific report object and my testing of saving two reports to a journal and then saving the journal with the last object reference only saves the journal for that object.  What is the reference for the entire journal?

To keep things clean I periodically close reports in the script.  Would I need to keep the first object open or create a initial empty journal window?  The manual does not discuss multiple analysis being sent to a journal.

Also how do I define the output file type for the journal save?  I tried Untiled.RTF to get an RTF file but it just gave me untitled.RTF.JRN.




Mar 21, 2013

the last question, how to save RTF:  I like to use the ShowProperties function to find out what messages an object accepts.  The same information, and more, is in the scripting index.  The <<getRTF function hands back the rtf text (not what you want, most likely).  the <<saveRTF function puts the text in a file.





Sep 21, 2012

One way to work with Journals is to create the empty journal and then add content, which may include reports as well as container objects for layout:

Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

biv = Bivariate( Y( :weight ), X( :height ), Fit Line( {Line Color( {213, 72, 87} )} ) );

dist = Distribution( Continuous Distribution( Column( :weight ) ), Nominal Distribution( Column( :age ) ) );

jrn = New Window( "Reports", <<Journal );

jrn << Append( H List Box( (biv << Report) << Clone Box, (dist << Report) << Clone Box ) );

jrn << Save PDF("c:\test.pdf");