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How to replace "." or "-" character to "/"


I started a script that imports multiple excel files into one table. The date field has a mix of formats; mm/dd/yyyy , mm.dd.yy and mm-dd-yy.

I tried using recode, and looking at the script it looks like static values:

Current Data Table() << Begin Data Update;
dc1 = New Column( :Date );
dc1 << Set Name( "Date 3" );
Current Data Table() << Go to( dc1 );
Current Data Table() << Move Selected Columns( after( :Date ) );
For Each Row(
dc1[] = Match( :Date,
"10.11.18", "10/11/18",
"10.16.18", "10/16/18",
"10.20.18", "10/20/18",
"10.21.18", "10/21/18",
"10.24.18", "10/24/18",
"11-01-18 A1", "11/01/18 A1",
"11.08.18", "11/08/18",
Current Data Table() << End Data Update;

Essentially what I'm looking for as my end result is having all the dates formatted in a short date format, mm/dd/yy.

I need help making this code work for any new values that may be added later or maybe there is a better way to do it?



Re: How to replace "." or "-" character to "/"

This is a common issue for users. A search of previous discussions will find a few solutions that might suit you. Here is one discussion from which you can adapt an answer.

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