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Super User

How to enable XML_PARSE_HUGE for << XPath()?

I ran into some issues when running one older script using XPath. I got error message "Excessive depth in document: 256 use XML_PARSE_HUGE option". So how can that option be enabled? I found old post where someone has faced the same issue but there is no solution (question wasn't about this issue) Scripting Y Axis to be Log scale .

Names Default To Here(1);

dt = Open("$SAMPLE_DATA/Wafer");

gb = dt << Graph Builder(
	Size(490, 62454),
	Show Control Panel(0),
	Variables(X(:X_Die), X(:Y_Die), Page(:Lot_Wafer Label)),
	Elements(Position(1, 1), Box Plot(X, Legend(8))),
	Elements(Position(2, 1), Box Plot(X, Legend(9))),

rep = Report(gb);

	rep << XPath("//AxisBox");

gb << Close Window;
Close(dt, no save);

I can do what I want with some looping but I would prefer if I could (at least attempt) to do it by using XPath and sending single message to the list of references.