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How to Duplicate Columns?


Community Trekker


Oct 6, 2014

I need to duplicate some columns into my master data file. These will then be recoded for a specific need.

I see that if I were to recode each individually that I have an option to recode into a new column, but when it comes to Standardize Attributes, recode does not have this same option.

I have seen some scripting options but all scripting tools are greyed out for me so I do not know if my version of JMP supports scripting or if there is another issue that I am not aware of. EDIT: Figured out what I was not doing correctly on the scripting part




Jul 10, 2014

Hi mcstagger,

I#m not fully sure I have understood your Problem. So that's what I understand:

1. you want to duplicate columns into your master data file (from the master data table or from a different table?)

2. Then you want to recode those columns at one shot

This is in conflict of your second paragraph for my understanding, which states you recode into a new column and then standardize attributes with recode?

I'm somewhat lost.

I tried this:

create a table with two columns. selected both columns and used menu cols -> utilities -> recode. Now I can recode for all columns at one shot. When I then use Done -> new column I get two new columns with the changes I made. Then I also can use those columns to standardize attributes or just copy the Settings from one (or more columns) to the other(s).

What I do not have is a mix for recode and standardize attributes Feature.

Hope that helps and if that's not what you mean it would be great if you could provide some Screen shots of what you are trying to do.