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How do I reference data from column A to column B? (I honestly can't find the answer)


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Apr 23, 2017

Hi there, I know this is probably very easy for most but I've been searching through the JMP discussion pages, and also google searches just to simply do the following. 

I want all the data in my "Age" column to be "referenced" or the same, as another column called AgeGroups since in this column I have made age ranges for the data values (16 to 24, 25-30 etc..). I've seen plenty of similar discussion questions about scripting related problems. I've been searching but I really can't find an answer that I can understand as I just got started with JMP after previously using SPSS. I've only had a little experience with the SPSS' syntax but I'm still very new to programming. Help is much appreciated. 
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Jun 22, 2012

There are a few different ways you can accomplish what you want.  From running in an interactive mode, using "Recode" is probably the easiest way.

Select the column to be recoded

Then click on the red triangle in the column panel and select "Recode"

Recode 1.PNG

Then just fill in the new bins you want

Recode 2.PNG

and then click on Done, and select new column, and you will find the new binning column

recode 3.PNG

You can also select to make a "Formula Column", rather than a "New Column".  If you do this, the new column that is created is done using a column formula, rather than hard coded values.


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Apr 23, 2017

Thanks for that advice. Yes, the recoding method does the job. I think the solution that I was looking for is a solution similar to what you mentioned about making a formula column. How do I do something like how in excel where you input a simple formula e.g =CELLx:CELLy so that one cell or in my case, one column equals to another? I know its probably done by coding but since I'm still new to JMP I don't know how to do it and as I said, I had searched for the answer (as well as the program code) as far as I could search but for some reason couldn't find it. 




Jun 23, 2011

JMP allows you to build formula columns via 'pont and click'. To get started, take a look here. Also, note that 'Recode' allows you to make a formula column (see one of the screenshots above). No matter how you make it, a formula column will have a '+' sign next to it in the table columns panel. Clicking on the '+' takes you directly to the formula editor showing the formula involved.