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How do I reference a column value as a reference line on a control chart?



I'm trying to create a script which generates control charts which plots net yields by WO that references a planned yield entry in the %Planned Yield. Since I'd like to create a chart for each product in my data table, and there is a different planned yield for each product, I need to create a reference to the %Planned Yield Column.


I have created a script so that the control chart will generate but the line of code I've created is not creating the reference line. Below is the data table I'm referencing across two products (In total there are 10 products in the data table that the script is generating control charts for). 



I've scripted the following to generate the control chart by 'product'. The control charts are generating, but it's not creating the reference line for planned yield. 


This is a snap shot of the output vs. what I was looking to create. 



Any advice would be greatly appreciated!





Re: How do I reference a column value as a reference line on a control chart?

This issue has been discussed before. The Send To Report argument in the launch is not intended for us. It is a mechanism used by JMP to save customizations. You should instead send the Add Ref Line() message directly to the target axis box object. First, save a reference to the control chart platform object. Then ask the object for the reference to the report layer using the << Report message. Subscript this reference to address the axis box for the message send.

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