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How do I recode indicator columns into one nominal (or ordinal) column?


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Dec 2, 2013

I have a data set that has been created with indicator columns for all nominal and ordinal variables (for the purpose of running a regression model). For instance, the variable "Marital Status" has 3 possible values, Single, Married, Divorced. The current data file has two columns for this one variable. A "1" in column one and a "0" in column two indicates "Single", a "0" in column one and a "1" in column two indicates "Married" and a "0" in both columns represents "Divorced". I am using JMP and I would like to create one column for this variable with the values of "Single", "Married", or "Divorced". How do I do that? Would it be different for ordinal data?


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Jun 23, 2011

Create a third column called Marital Status.  Right click on the column header and select Column Info.  Click on Column Properties and select Formula.  Click on Edit Formula.  Double-click inside the red rectangle and enter the following code:

If (

      :Column 1 == 1 & :Column 2 == 0, "Single",

      :Column 1 == 0 & :Column 2 == 1, "Married",

      :Column 1 == 1 & :Column 2 == 1, "Divorced"


This assumes that your first two columns are called "Column 1" and "Column 2".