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Community Trekker


Aug 15, 2015

How can i add a limit file to a database inJump

I am using an excel file database to import to Jump as my data table in Jump. I have also created a limit table in jump to be used with my data table. Can any one tell me how to connect the two tables so that when i am using the capability tool to calculate the CPK analysis the limit table is used. here is a sample of the data table and limit table

I have also added the upper and lower limit as columns in the dataset.

Thank you very much.




Community Trekker


Aug 17, 2015

Re: How can i add a limit file to a database inJump

You can import your spec limit table from the Capability platform : after selecting your columns for analysis, select Import spec limits from the Spec limits triangle menu and choose your limit table. The CPK analysis will be performed using your limit table. Then from the Capability report window, your can save your spec limits as column properties if you wish.