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How can I create independent color legends per page in Graph Builder with custom maps


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Oct 3, 2016

I am using Graph builder with custom maps to make wafer maps using Mike Anderson's scripts as a base. The maps are colored by a continous variable and I use a nominal variable in the page Zone to make multiple plots - one for each wafer in the same graph builder window.

The problem I have is related to the color scale. I figured out that I could force X and Y to be locked such that all plots have the same X and Y ranges. This is great. It gives me the option to have individual or common views of the data per page. However, the color gradient does not share this attribute. In other words it is always locked. I would like to have the option to have individual color scales per page, much like the contour plot can by using plot by. 

My work around now involves creating multiple graph builder instances - one per wafer - in a script and then add them to a journal.


Thanks for any suggestions 


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Jun 22, 2012

What I would do is to not use the Page ability in Graph Builder, but rather, just create your own new window, and then within a V List Box(), generate separate Wafer Maps for each level of what is your current Page column.  This would then create a legend for each wafer map.