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Help with Graph builder labels


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2017

I have a graph builder output that looks like the one below and as you can see, it is WAAAYYY too congested.

The code I used to generate such a plot is in attachment where I had to use 3 graph elements per graph side (week vs month):
line, points (mean), and bar (for the values but the bars are set to be entirely transparents and white).

If there is another way to force labels, I was not able to figure that out. 

That said, I can't get label format or offset to work either. I tried both at the end of my graph buidler to send it messages and I tried including the label stuff in my bar section of the elements. Can someone please help me?




Community Trekker


Sep 23, 2015

Instead of adding graph labels, you could edit the axis settings:



  • Double-click the Y Axis
  • Change the Maximum to 1.0
  • Change the Increment to 0.1
  • Click OK


This will make the values clearer without data labels.