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Graph builder line of fit to the mean (not individual data points) with stdev bars

Hi- I'm using JMP 14, and I am trying to create a number of different scatter plots from a large data set, in which I will have multiple data "series" (to use Excel terminology) within each plot. I also want to add a linear fit line to each set of data, and I also want to display the standard deviation error bars on the same plot. I know how to do this in Excel, but I'm having trouble getting all the pieces present in JMP. I've been using the Graph Builder, and basically I wind up with one of two scenarios:

1. I plot all the data points for each data series, and I can switch the statistics to plot the mean of my 6 replicates. I can also add in whatever errors bars I want, but then if I add a linear fit line, it's clear from the R2 values that the fit model is using all of the data points, not just the mean (I checked this with Excel to confirm that's what was going on). 

2. I think made a Summary table from my original data table that includes means and stdev for each data series, and tried again to use Graph Builder. Now I can set the fit line to the mean, but there doesn't seem to be a way to add in error bars.


Is there a way to do this? I know you can do all of this in Excel, but it's pretty cumbersome with a data set of this size so I'd rather do it in JMP. 

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Re: Graph builder line of fit to the mean (not individual data points) with stdev bars

Can you upload a screenshot from excel of what you want to do here?

-- Cameron Willden
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