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Graph Builder: Sort Pareto Highest to Lowest

What is the best method to sort a Pareto chart/Graph from Highest to Lowest.......?

My data currently plots like this


Does it require creating a new column that totals the counts for each category and then sort on the count?

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Re: Graph Builder: Sort Pareto Highest to Lowest

I think I have 'a' solution --- there may be better ways to do this.....

I created a Summary table which includes the COUNT of the occurrences of the particular entries in a column called 'ProductProblemCategory'

Then sorted the 'N Row' column so that the highest number of occurrences is the top row.

Added a column called 'order' which is just a list of numbers to help with the display order within GraphBuilder

Then combined the 'order' column with the 'ProductProblemCategory' column to produce a new column 'ProductProblemCategory_'

----- this new column has the 'order numbers' attached to the beginning of the string so that Graph Builder will place them in the preferred order....


The resulting graph ---- place the new column ProductProblemCategory_ on the x-axis and the 'N Row' in the Frequency box in the lower right of the GraphBuilder Control Panel


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Re: Graph Builder: Sort Pareto Highest to Lowest

If you have a categorical axis and you drop a continuous variable into its "Merge" drop zone, the axis gets sorted by the continuous variable. (The merge zone is next to the axis but just inside the graph.) Then you can right-click on the axis to choose an order statistic (including count) and direction.

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