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Extract USL & LSL for all tests of my data table


Community Member


Oct 25, 2012

Hi all,

I just start working on Jump 10.

I am trying to extract from a data table all USL & LSL for all the tests and then I would like to create a new table bluit as:  Test number | Test name | LSL | USL.

Any ideas to help me please ? Or any tutorials ?

Thanks in advance.




Community Trekker


Jun 12, 2012

I would look into using the Summary command from the Tables Menu.  Or if using JSL script, you would use the Summarize(...) Function.


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

You can use the <<Get Property("Spec Limits") message on a column to get the spec limits and then put them into a data table.

Try something like this:

dt = Current Data Table();

specs = New Table( "",

  New Column( "ColName", Character, Nominal, width( 30 ) ),

  New Column( "LSL", Numeric, Nominal ),

  New Column( "USL", Numeric, Nominal ),

  New Column( "Target", Numeric, Nominal )


nc = N Col( dt );

For( i = 1, i <= nc, i++,

  If( Column( dt, i ) << get data type() == "Numeric",

  If( !Is Empty( x = Column( dt, i ) << get property( "Spec Limits" ) ),

  specs << add rows( 1, N Row( specs ) );

  Try( Column( specs, "lsl" )[N Row( specs )] = x["lsl"] );

  Try( Column( specs, "usl" )[N Rows( specs )] = x["usl"] );

  Try( Column( specs, "target" )[N Rows( specs )] = x["target"] );

  Column( specs, "colname" )[N Rows( specs )] = Column( dt, i ) << get name;