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Executing Jsl file through a program


I have .bat file that executes a jsl script. Jsl script needs to be run by ""


OTH; I want to call this bat file in another jsl file.

By following posts below;


Question about using .bat file to execute .JSL script 

Running a JSL script within another JSL script 

call .exe, let it run and open another .jsl after .exe closed 


Tried; Run program 


Run Program("c:\python-x64\python-x64.exe" -E "C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\SAS\JMP\Addins\" "C:\jsl_script\my_script.jsl" /OutputPath="C:\jsl_script\my_script.txt" /Description="my_script" > "C:\jsl_script\my_script.log" 2>&1) 

But got this error;




How can we execute cmd commands in jsl ?

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Re: Executing Jsl file through a program



i am a bit confused by what you are trying to do. However, I have attached a script written for the book JSL Companion, Applications of the JMP Scripting Language, Second Edition. For Run Program() your options need sto be specified in a list.


I hope the examples and comments provided in the attached script will help you. The error message makes sense given the syntax note excerpted from the script.  


/* Syntax
rp_obj = Run Program( Executable("path/filename.exe"), Options({"/a", "/b", "..."}),
           Read Function(expression), 
           Write Function(expression),

Description:  Runs an external program specified by the Executable argument, with the command line
arguments specified by the Options argument.

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