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Data Table sort by two columns

Normally data table can sort order by one column, just have left table shows, sort by column "Name".

but how to use JMP to sort by two column? order by both "Name" & 'Date", like the right table shows, kindly help to suggest.


thanks a lot.


NameDateAccomplish amounts of work-->NameDateAccomplish amounts of work
John20/8/21 9:03:59100%Kevin20/8/17 9:03:5760%
Kevin20/8/22 9:03:5980%Kevin20/8/18 9:03:5740%
Kevin20/8/23 9:03:6077%Kevin20/8/19 9:03:5850%
John20/8/20 9:03:5867%Kevin20/8/20 9:03:5833%
Kevin20/8/17 9:03:5760%Kevin20/8/21 9:03:590%
John20/8/18 9:03:5760%Kevin20/8/22 9:03:5980%
Kevin20/8/19 9:03:5850%Kevin20/8/23 9:03:6077%
John20/8/19 9:03:5850%John20/8/17 9:03:5740%
Kevin20/8/18 9:03:5740%John20/8/18 9:03:5760%
John20/8/17 9:03:5740%John20/8/19 9:03:5850%
Kevin20/8/20 9:03:5833%John20/8/20 9:03:5867%
John20/8/23 9:03:6023%John20/8/21 9:03:59100%
John20/8/22 9:03:5920%John20/8/22 9:03:5920%
Kevin20/8/21 9:03:590%John20/8/23 9:03:6023%
Super User

Re: Data Table sort by two columns

  1. If you select multiple columns, and then right click on them and select "Sort" the data table will be sorted by all selected columns.
  2. You can go to the Pull Down Menus and select     Tables==>Sort    and then select whatever columns and whatever ascending/descending combination you want.

The quickest way to get a background in these types of issues is to read a couple of documents in the JMP Document Library under the Help pull down menu.

Both, Discovering JMP, and Using JMP are excellent docs.

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