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DOE with non-linear effects and blocking

Hey all, 

I'm new to JMP, so perhaps a bit of a noob, excuse me for that =)

In case my question has been asked and answered before, I'm perfectly fine with being redirected to that discussion.


The problem I’m having right now is that I need to set up an experiment where we’re not sure about whether the effects of factors are linear or have some curvature. Some factors also influence each other (i.e. incubateion temperature and incubation time will interact). Because we’re not sure about linearity, I planned to set up a definitive screening model. However, We also have one blocking factor (I need to do ~30 experiments according to the setup, but I can only do a few experiments per sample due to limiting amount of sample). Though a blocking factor like this is easy to set up in custom design, I cannot find how to include that into the definitive screening design.

Is there somebody who could give me some advise on how to best set this up?

If another model is better for my purposes that's also fine, I'm just struggling to find the best starting point for my experiment.


Thanks in advance!





Re: DOE with non-linear effects and blocking

Hi Vera,


Blocks can be included in a DSD from the Design Options section (see image below) -  you see this after you load your factors and press "Continue."  Having said that, depending on the specifics of your problem, a DSD may or may not be good choice of design, rather than a Custom Design.  There is a fantastic community post on that here (  Does this help?Add Blocks to a DSD.JPG

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