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Aug 4, 2017

Cox Proportional Hazard - adjusting risk ratio with std dev

I'm working with someone who is using SAS and I'm trying to do the same analysis in JMP.  When I  questioned their hazard ratio they said it was adjusted by the standard deviation.


They commented:

In order to obtain results in units of 1 standard deviation – you simply get the standard deviation value for parameter of interest and introduce it in the PH regression statement, for example:

proc phreg simple;

model  [ ...  etc etc <SAS code> etc ...]

HAZARDRATIO 'HR for 1 SD HDL-c' hcc/ units=14.8;run;


HR for 1 SD HDL-c: Hazard Ratios for hcc


                                                        Point     95% Wald Confidence

                                    Description      Estimate           Limits


                                    hcc Unit=14.8       0.762       0.693       0.837


Is this something I can do in JMP?