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Construct Error Bars with other than the default 1 standard deviation from the mean using 'Graph Builder'


Community Member


Sep 27, 2016

Hello, everyone. This might be a silly question, but how can you using the 'Graph Builder' function to set error bars to represent 2 (or 3) standard deviations from the mean? It automatically defaults to 1 standard deviation after selecting it from the drop down menu, and doesn't seem to give any option to change it. A similar situation would apply if I wanted error bars to represent something other than 1 standard error from the mean or other than a 95% confidence interval. I know that these features exist in the 'Chart' builder, but that function seems to be for much more simpler graphs and lacks the awesome drag and drop functionality of the graph builder. Is this something that is an option somewhere, or does it need to be edited in the script? Any help would be appreciated!


Super User


Jul 28, 2015

I'll refer you to here:Adding error bars in JMP

Let me know if you have questions.