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Complex Numbers in JMP

I'm trying to work on some Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, which uses Complex Numbers and has a response in the form of a Bode or Nyquist plot. I found a plugin for JMP, but I can't find documentation on it:


I've attached a sample JMP table containing a simple RC circuit with R=500 and C=.001.


I want to use JMP to fit the experimental data for multiple experiments at once using the non-linear platform and then compare the models to the experiments graphically (this is going to be an iterative process to get the model right). The challenge I've run into is JMP does not natively support complex numbers. I can work around this by parameterizing like in the "fit" column, but then I have to do extra work to split out the parameters to another column.


I may be making the "fit" and "split out" part of things more complicated than it needs to be. Is there either a simplier way to use parameters from one column in another column _or_ use complex numbers in JMP?



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