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Can JMP Generate & Display Database Schemas?

I regularly use JMP to extract data from databases and this works with great success and is a powerful tool in formatting the data for fast data analysis.

I have just started looking at data from a relatively old but large database and no-one seems to know the schema for it which obviously makes it extremely difficult knowing where to start looking at the data for analysis. As JMP is my tool of choice for the extraction and analysis of the data I wondered if it could be used to generate the schema for it as it 'knows' all of the related data tables etc. I have used this function to join them together but it doesn't tell me anything about the overall structure of it but I thought it could be used to join all of these together to give me the normal visual output for the tables and schema.

Am I over simplifying the possibility of doing this and JMP can't do it?

Apologies that I can't share any database information apart from it is Oracle based. I'm using JMP PRO and JMP 13EA.



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Re: Can JMP Generate & Display Database Schemas?

Hi David,

At this time, JMP does not have the ability to create a schema in a database or to save a group of tables at once to a schema.  Many database admins are very protective of the ability to create new schemas, so I'm not sure we will be adding this in the future.

Brian Corcoran

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Re: Can JMP Generate & Display Database Schemas?

Hello David,

If your Db user (used to connect to DB) have sys right, you can play these queries in JMP to get information and make reverse engineering database schema.



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Re: Can JMP Generate & Display Database Schemas?

You could use a product like PL/SQL Developer, SQL Navigator or TOAD to browse the database.  If you're looking for interrelationships between tables (keys, foreign keys, etc.) that would be more difficult.

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