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Apply axis limits to graph builder

Hello everyone,


I am new to jmp. I am trying to apply minimum and maximum axis limits to the legend of contour plot inside graph builder.

However, I am not able to find a good way of doing this. I see if I draw the contour plot outside graph builder I have the option for changing limits there.

But this seems to be missing from the version of contour plot available inside graph builder.

Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks.



VG= Graph Builder(
Auto Stretching( 0),
Automatic Recalc( 0 ),

X( :X_COL ),
Y( :Y_COL ),
Group X( :Class ),
Color( age )
Contour( X, Y, Number of Levels( 6 ))

// I want to apply min and maximum limit to this contour plot
Dispatch( {}, "graph title", TextEditBox, {Set Text( title_variable)} )



Re: Apply axis limits to graph builder

You could apply a local data filter to your graph builder for the axis you wish to limit.

Level III

Re: Apply axis limits to graph builder

Thanks for the help. Yeah, that was the only way I could think of to get this done.

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