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Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Add Row legend to Control Chart

Hey all!

I'm working on some P-charts and I would like to add a legend. First thing I notice is that I can't "click my way" to adding one to a chart. I've tried forcing my script to add it, and that results in an error (as expected).

Any ideas how I can add a legend? I suspect it will involve more advanced scripting techniques, but I'm open :).


Example Script:
asdf = Current Data Table() << Control Chart(
Sample Label( :week ),
Sample Size( :units ),
KSigma( 3 ),
Chart Col( :Blah, P ),
By( :stuff )

Report(asdf)[Frame Box(1)] << Row Legend (:week, color(1), marker(1));

Send Expects Scriptable Object in access or evaluation of 'Send' , Report( asdf )[Frame Box( 1 )] << Row Legend( :week, color( 1 ), Marker( 1 ) )