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API Access to AWS Database

I’m trying to access a database using the new API request feature in JMP ( I’m using 14.1) and I’m having trouble understanding what is required to connect to the database.


I’m trying to access amazon cloud ( AWS) at the following location

username is dbarnett

password is Password_123 ( obviously it isn’t this so it’s just an example)


Could you let me know what the jsl script is that would allow me access to this database please ( if it is actually possible)? I’ve read and tried the examples but I’m still confused as to what is needed.



David Barnett


Re: API Access to AWS Database

If you have a database like postgreSQL or MySQL, it may be possible to access it through an ODBC driver.  This would allow you to use the full range of Query Builder or Open Database features within JMP.  For the server setting within the ODBC driver, you would typically provide the endpoint within AWS, and perhaps the port (postgreSQL defaults to 5432).  


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development

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