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See Fer Yer Sen: The Importance of Data Exploration (2019-US-30MP-261)

Level: Beginner


Phil Kay, JMP Senior Systems Engineer, SAS


People and organizations make expensive mistakes when they fail to explore their data. Decision makers cause untold damage through ignorance of statistical effects when they limit their analysis to simple summary tables. In this presentation you will hear how one charity wasted billions of dollars in this way. You will learn how you can easily avoid these traps by looking at your data from many angles. An example from media reports on "best places to live" will show why you need to look beyond headline results. And how simple visual exploration - interactive maps, trends and bubble plots - gives a richer understanding. All of this will be presented entirely through JMP Public.


In September 2017 the New York Times reported that Craven was the happiest area of the UK. Because this is an area that I know very well, I decided to take a look at the data. What I found was much more interesting than the media reports and was a great illustration of the small sample falacy.


This story is all about the value of being able to explore data in many different ways. Hence, "see fer yer sen", which translates from Yorkshire dialect as "see for yourself".




If you want to find out more about this data exploration, read these two blogs posts:

The Happy Place? 

Crisis-in-Craven? An update on the UK happiness survey. 


This interactive visual shows you where Craven is:



Filter down to Craven and hover over places marked with * to see images.


You can see all of the interactive visualisations that I prepared for this Discovery presentation here in JMP Public .