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The Fundamentals of Modern Experimentation Using JMP(R) ( 2019-EU-TUT-147 )

Level: Beginner
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Bradley Jones, JMP Distinguished Research Fellow, SAS

Designed experimentation is the best way to learn about industrial processes. But, in the long history of the design of experiments, most experimenters learned methods that focused on conforming the experiment to classical designs. The need to understand these constraints limited the number of effective experimenters. JMP’s approach to DOE takes the burden of understanding the constraints of textbook designs off the practitioner, instead putting the experimenter in control. See how to use the Custom Designer to design an experiment for any process. The Custom Designer creates an experiment tailor-made for your situation. Do you have constraints on the input factors? No problem. Mixture factors along with process inputs? No problem. What about a run budget that limits the number of experiments you can perform? The Custom Designer will give you a design that will allow you to learn as much as possible within your budget. A few years ago Stu Hunter said that, "[the technology behind the DOE platforms in JMP] would change the way I teach DOE”. Come see how.