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Level II

A Case Study of Text Explorer: Rice Dishes of the World ( 2019-EU-EPO-064 )

Level: Intermediate
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer

Kathryn Haydon, Student, University of Arkansas,
Andy Mauromoustakos, Professor, University of Arkansas


JMP Text Explorer is a very powerful, hands-on tool that can be used to gain insights from unstructured text data and can tell stories in a quantitative way. In this presentation, we will introduce a rich data set of rice recipes found in Wikipedia that includes puddings and non-pudding dishes from more than 70 countries around the world. Cluster analysis and text exploration of all the dishes by pudding highlights some of the strengths and flexibility of the Text Explorer platform. The analysis will show how people eat rice, the typical combinations and regional flavor preferences, and the diversity of rice dishes in a culture. We will show examples by type of food, by region and within an individual country. Unstructured text data such as rice recipes are mined for information that could help us understand the world with the help of Text Explorer.