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Level IV

An Add-In to Analyze Field Trial Data: The Custom ANOVA (EU2018 102)

Voted Best Contributed Paper by Summit attendees.


Level: Intermediate
Anne Saint-Amans, Statistician, Limagrain

Limagrain, the fourth-largest seed company worldwide, creates new varieties for vegetable and field crops every year. These new varieties are tested and compared to commercial references based on several variables (e.g., yield, length of fruits). Analysis of variance and mixed models are run to take into account undesired environmental effects (e.g., border, ventilation, soil fertility) and extract the genetic potential of the varieties. JMP possesses a lot of features to conduct the required statistical studies. Limagrain developed an add-in called “Custom ANOVA” to gather them. The objective is to offer a complete and interactive report specifically adapted to the group’s research needs. A minimalist and intuitive interface enables the user to select a few options before launching the analyses. The final report contains different tabs, each of them associated with a particular step: descriptive statistics, statistics of the model, validation of the hypotheses, effects study, genetic potential calculation, field maps and multiple comparisons. In addition, the add-in exploits the “expression object” of JSL, providing the ability to save the script of the report in the data table (like any other JMP report). Thus, the user can keep track of its results and easily regenerate the whole report.