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Solving Common Data Table Problems with JMP® 13


Daniel Valente, PhD, JMP Senior Product Manager, SAS

Jon Weisz, JMP Vice President Sales and Marketing, SAS



  • The JMP Query Builder is a flexible and powerful platform for performing multi-table queries and joins, creating prompting filters and generating SQL code.
  • The Query Builder fits in with other tools available in the JMP self-service analytical workflow.
  • The interface in Query Builder is designed to abstract out the details of the data source (ODBC-accessed database, SAS, JMP tables). Engineers and scientists can learn the interface once and apply it broadly.
  • The Query Builder can be chained together with the Dashboard Builder and Add-In Builder to create custom analytic dashboards, which are auto-updated with new data and can be shared to communicate findings.
  • The Query Builder requires no knowledge of SQL code for the scientist or engineer user to be productive.