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Writing Scripts to Help Write Scripts

Graham Blatz, Data Miner/Analyst, First Solar

Big data frequently means big scripts and even the most diligent organizer of complex code, be it using include functions, clever expressions, code folding or splitting the script window, can find themselves scrolling through thousands upon thousands of lines. Using a script and a little syntax in comments, one can take advantage of the text nature of JSL files to organize long code into neat tab boxes (or any display arrangement) containing editable script boxes upon opening. However, this layout comes with a few challenges, including full-script execution, saving the tabbed script and variable collision. These challenges are addressed by creating button boxes with specific scripts that handle extracting and processing the information from the tabs on the fly. This paper covers regular expressions, display box manipulation, namespaces and general text editing, all covered in a light context (the script is under a hundred lines) to create a scripting environment that increases productivity and lowers organizational frustration: a script for helping write scripts.

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