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It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone Has to Do It

Don McCormack, JMP Technical Enablement Engineer, SAS

JMP 11 and JMP 12 have added a number of new features to make data cleaning much faster and simpler. Real data is dirty data. Ask anyone who has spent time doing data analysis and they are likely to tell you that a large amount of time is spent cleaning up the data. This talk will demonstrate important uses for new and little known JMP 11 and JMP 12 features that can be used for outlier screening; identifying and correcting misspelled text; finding superfluous columns; finding, fixing and labeling categorical variables; missing value imputation; and binning data.

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Don I found your talk and the supplied material very useful for wide data. I'll use several of your techniques. I like more control over some situations, so it's likely I'll still be hand-o-matic in some scenarios. I really appreciate some of the new techniques I learned from you though. Thanks!

Glad you found the talk and materials useful. I'm hoping to develop more stuff over the next months. I'll be sure to post them to the user community.


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